3900 &5900 Series Base Station Communication Matrix

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1.Application Description

1)Service Description

During base station initial configuration or reconfiguration, customers will query the communication matrix document before configuring the security gateway. They will compare the port configuration in the communication matrix document with the whitelist and blacklist to ensure that ports in the whitelist allow data to pass through whereas ports in the blacklist forbid data to pass through.

2)Documentation Description  

For information of the communication ports in a 3900 & 5900 series base station, see 3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Communication Matrix. This document contains the GBTS, NodeB, eNodeB, and Co-MPT sheets. You can query the information of communication ports of a certain NE on the corresponding NE sheet.


1.Clear classification

Documents are classified by the type of communication equipment, faicilitating the search for the communication port between two pieces of equipment.


2.Easy identification

The initiating party of a communication is highlighted in blue in this document.


3.Reference Documents

Product   Version   Link 
 3900 Series Base Station   V100R015C10  3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Communication Matrix 
 5900 Series Base Station
 3900 Series Base Station   V100R013C10  3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Communication Matrix 
 5900 Series Base Station
 3900 Series Base Station   V100R012C10 3900 & 5900 Series Base Station Communication Matrix
 5900 Series Base Station




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