5G RAN 《License Control Item Lists》

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1. Application Description
a. Service description
Licenses are contracts that specify the features, releases, capacities, validity periods,and usage scope of an operator's purchased products. License control items can be classified into two types:
· Capacity items (hardware licenses): Capacity items specify the processing capability of the current hardware. You can purchase the corresponding capacity items according to the plan.
· Feature items (software licenses): Features consist of basic features and optional features. Basic features do not require feature licenses,and optional features are sold and controlled through feature licenses.
In live networks,you can plan and purchase licenses from the aspects of capacity and features.
b. Documentation description
License Control Item Lists provide single-mode/multimode capacity items and single-mode/multimode feature items.
·The single-mode/multimode capacity item list provides information about the license control items, including the model, description,sales unit, and NE.
·The single-mode/multimode feature item list provides information about the feature ID, feature name, model, and sales unit of the license control items.
For details about license principles, control methods, and control items, click the document link in the following table and read License Management.

2. Highlights
License Control Item Lists provide key information about license control items in a simple table. The relationship between license control items and hardware and features is clearly displayed in this document.If you have any questions or suggestions,please leave a message here.

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