Guidance for Using Northbound Documentation

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
The U2000/U2020 provides a full range of northbound interfaces to meet various requirements of different operators. 

2) Documentation Description
Northbound documentation includes the northbound interconnection guide and northbound data definition.
Northbound interconnection guide: It is classified into the CME northbound files and U2000/U2020 northbound files. They are released with the CME and U2000/U2020 documentation, respectively.
CME northbound files:


U2020 northbound files:

2. Highlights
Highlights of U2000/U2020 northbound files
The documentation is organized by interface type. Changes of all interfaces are included in one document.

The documentation is released with the U2000/U2020 version.
Highlights of CME northbound files
It consists of contents shown in the following figure. 

The documentation is released with the CME version.
Highlights of NBI data documentation
1) In the Level-1 directory,  one package is provided since SRAN10.1 version. The following figure show an example for SRAN13.1.

2) In the Level-2 directory, documents are classified based on the NE type.
The NBI Documentation Principles describes the principle for updating the NBI documents and the corresponding NE version.
Northbound Management Feature Description briefly introduces the overall architecture and system, service scope, documentation system, and special application scenarios of northbound interfaces. 

3) In the Level-3 directory, items shown in the following figure are displayed.

4) In the Level-4 directory, you are provided with NBI data files.
CME CM Scenario and Examples: includes the CME configuration NBI export example files, import example files, schema files and scenario description of the CME NBI.

Data Lists: provides detailed definitions.
Using BSC6900 GSM as an example: 
Note 1: The parameter list and MOM reference apply only to CME NBI.
Note 2: The method of identifying the mapping between the Parameter List and NE version is as follows. The Parameter List and NE version matching relationship can be identified by version information in "About This Document". 
The Product Version column lists the NE version corresponding to each update of the document. If an NE version inovlves no changes, Document Version and Product Version are not updated.
For example, if the change history includes issue 01 corresponding to VxxxRxxxC00 and issue 02 corresponding to VxxxRxxxC00SPC300, issue 01 is applicable to NEs whose versions range from SPC000 to SPC300 (not including SPC300), and issue 02 is applicable to NEs with the version SPC300 and product versions corresponding to issue 03. If issue 03 is not released later, issue 02 is applicable to NEs with the version SPC300 and later.
Data Changes: describes data changes in versions.
Using BSC6900 GSM as an example,
Disuse Data Lists: describes disuse data in the current version. Using BSC6900 GSM as an example,
Note: All to-disuse contents are deleted in the next two R version.
Materials for Communication: describes overall changes of two versions. Using BSC6900 GSM as an example,
U2000/U2020 Export Examples:

Note: Examples are used to provide reference to different interface formats. The achual data definition is specified by the interface document.

3. Reference Documents
The following table provides only the relative path. The NBI data doeuments are published in English only.

RAN NBI Data Documents
5G RAN2.1
CME V200R014C00SPCxxx Release Documents   
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