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Application Description

The mobile Agile Operation for Service (mAOS) centrally manages devices on GSM BSS, UMTS RAN, LTE RAN, CDMA BSS, TD-SCDMA RAN, and SingleRAN networks. It provides end to end (E2E) network and service O&M capabilities, including service deployment, evaluation visibility, and closed-loop optimization. The mAOS helps improve O&M efficiency and reduce O&M costs.
The mAOS is an intelligent O&M system that facilitates wireless network enabling, service deployment, network evaluation, and network optimization

  • Service deployment provides service estimation and deployment capabilities to assist telecom operators in fast and large-scale rollout of new services. Service deployment also allows different services to be deployed on the same network, thereby meeting service level agreement (SLA) requirements of different telecom operators.  
    Network evaluation provides flexible and efficient performance monitoring capabilities through online automatic data collection and analysis. It provides an E2E report customization platform that supports grid-based geographic evaluation of multiple services on the live network, differentiates indoor and outdoor scenarios, and provides indoor service visibility capabilities.

  • Additionally, it proactively identifies problem areas and causes through multidimensional comparison and analysis. Network optimization provides the automatic LTE network optimization function and supports automatic coordination among multiple RATs. It provides online round-the-clock optimization and automatic configuration capabilities to improve O&M efficiency. Compared with SON functions on the NE side, the mAOS supports long-period data collection and analysis, and optimization advice is more accurate.


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