[Converged Data Highlights 2017] Issue 1: Documentation FAQ

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Special Issue of Cloud Core Converged Data (HLR/HSS, PCRF/SmartPCC, STP/DRA)
——Documentation FAQ


About This Issue

Ladies and gentlemen:
Product documentation provides you with product knowledge, including KPIs, software/hardware description, installation and deployment, features, configuration and commissioning guide, and reference information such as command help, alarm, and counters. If you have any questions on Huawei Cloud Core Converged Data documents, reply us or submit your question on http://support.huawei.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.
Documentation FAQ
Q1: How do I register an account on support.huawei.com?
Q6: How do I learn the updates between a latest HedEx Lite document and an earlier version?
Q7: How to manage the local multi format Document using HedEx Lite?
Q8: How do I quickly search for product information using HedEx Lite?
Q9: How do I feed back documentation suggestions using HedEx Lite?
Q10: How do I have face-to-face documentation workshop with Huawei documentation engineers?
You can contact with Huawei documentation engineers for the workshop using either the following ways:
1. Contact local Huawei engineers.
2. Send an email to UscDoc@huawei.com.
Coming Issues
No.2: Documentation Tool Platform(Introductions)
No.3: Product Rich Media (Overview)
No.4: Major Product Features (Details)
No.5: Summar
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