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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
Service Anchor is a capability-open indoor radio network controller. It functions as a bridge between small cells and telecom public clouds (conventional core network equipment) and third-party application clouds.

Service Anchor provides the following functions:
  • Network capability openness: Provides an API interface to third-party applications under the operator management to fulfill application requirements of enterprises, mass-market consumer sites, and over the top (OTT) developers.  
  • Radio network control functions: Integrated with function components of access controllers (ACs) and access gateways (AGs) to enrich the functions of small cell networks.

Service Anchor consists of Service Anchor hardware, Service Anchor basic software, and Service Anchor function components.

Service Anchor hardware
Service Anchor has two hardware products: SVA3100 hardware and SVA3200 hardware, applicable to different application scenarios. Both the hardware products are developed on Huawei's general hardware platform.
Service Anchor basic software
Implements device management and manages loading and enabling and lifecycle of the Service Anchor function components. The Service Anchor basic software helps achieve the decoupling of the function components from the hardware, ensuring flexible deployment of the function components.
Service Anchor function component
Each function component is optional to the Service Anchor solution, which can be loaded in line with onsite requirements. In this release, the Service Anchor has three function components: SVA-AE, SVA-AC, and SVA-AG. Other function components will be available in future releases.

2) Documentation Description
SVA3100Basic&SVA3200Basic Reconfiguration Guide provides instructions on how to reconfigure the SVA3100Basic/SVA3200Basic after it operates properly. It describes how to expand capacity and reconfigure equipment.

2. Highlights

3. Reference Documents
product version link
SVA3100/SVA3200 V100R013C10  Service Anchor Reconfiguration Guide 
SVA3100/SVA3200 V100R012C10 Service Anchor Reconfiguration Guide
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