Gx Session Backup Mechanism: UPCC UE IP Address Binding Manual Part Four

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In earlier issues, we have introduced the IP address-based session binding mechanism of the UPCC. In this issue, we will introduce the derived mechanism of the IP address-based session binding mechanism, that is, Gx session backup mechanism.

Gx session backup mechanism is a redundancy mechanism on the UPCC. In the redundancy mechanism, multiple sets of devices that provide the same functions are deployed in different locations. When a set of devices in one location stops working due to exceptions, such as a fire or earthquake, the other sets of devices can take over services from the faulty devices. As a part of the product reliability design, the redundancy mechanism reduces the impact of external factors (especially disasters) on normal operation of the system.

The process of IP address-based Gx session backup consists of two stages: session backup stage and session restoration stage. In session backup stage, the UPCC backs up and restores session in the database when there is no redundancy scenario. The following video shows the session backup in the example of direct connection networking. In session restoration stage, the UPCC finds and restores the session stored in the database in a redundancy scenario. The Gx link failure is used as an example. For details, see the following video and attachment.




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Saravanan.S   金牌会员    发表于 2016-12-2 22:19:44

Wonderful video documentation about UPCC UE IP address binding
carryout   银牌会员    发表于 2016-12-5 08:34:17

Saravanan.S 发表于 2016-12-2 22:19 Wonderful video documentation about UPCC UE IP address binding
Thank you for your attention! This video not only describes the user IP binding mechanism, but also the Gx session backup mechanism of the portal
senthilraj.r   高级会员    发表于 2016-12-7 20:27:40

Wonderful video documentation
carryout   银牌会员    发表于 2016-12-8 08:46:39

senthilraj.r 发表于 2016-12-7 20:27 Wonderful video documentation
Thank you. If you have any good suggestions, please let us have it at any time!
Arvi   银牌会员    发表于 2016-12-8 14:47:40

excellent video documentation
nklsureshkumar   白金会员    发表于 2016-12-13 11:54:00

good info
carryout   银牌会员    发表于 2016-12-13 16:23:33

Posted by Arvi at 2016-12-8 14:47 excellent video documentation
Thank you for your support and encouragement.
carryout   银牌会员    发表于 2016-12-13 16:24:18

Thank you for your support and hope to help you.
Nesapriyan   小试牛刀    发表于 2016-12-20 19:26:52

its very good documentation to understand about UPCC UE IP
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