Algorithm Principle: UPCC MS/UE IP Address Manual Part Three

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In the second issue, we have introduced roles of each module of the UPCC in processing IP addresses. In this issue, we will introduce the specific algorithms applied in the main modules that process MS/UE IP addresses: SDU (session distribution) and SPU (session binding).

In addition to the MS/UE IP address, other parameters such as the APN and PCEF group ID can also be used as keywords for session distribution and binding or conflict judgment. At present, the UPCC supports multiple combinations of IP addresses and these parameters, as shown in Figure 1:


As shown in figure above, every solution has its own algorithm for session distribution and binding and different application scenarios and configurations. The following uses the simplest IP-based session distribution and binding solution as an example to illustrate its algorithm, application scenario, and configuration:


Only MS/UE IP addresses are used as the condition for session binding.


The MS/UE IP addresses of sessions must be unique in all the PCEFs. To be specific, an IP address can be assigned to only one Gx session. See Figure 1.


Related Configuration:


For Gx sessions: If both the IPv6 address prefix length and value of two sessions are the same, the two sessions are considered to be matched.

For example, the following IPv6 addresses are assigned to Gx sessions:

For other solutions, download the attachments.


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Saravanan.S 发表于 2016-11-28 22:14 You have a winner’s attitude.
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