FWConverter Configure Conversion Tool

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FWConverter Configure Conversion Tool

1.In the exported file, the statement starting with @@@@ has been deleted, and thatstarting with **** needs to bemanually converted.
2.On the main page of the program, click Help to view the detailed Help manualfor configurations.
3.The Version Change Explanation: When the tool released, theSPC version number increase.
4.Uninstall the old tool before installing a new tool.
5.Configuration files coding form at present supports isANSI, GBK, GB2312 and UTF-8.
6.There are two output flies after huawei V1R1C30/V3R1C01/V3R1C20to huawei V5R1V20/ V5R1V30 convert. The sequence of this file whose name isXXX- Middlle, is the same as the source file. And the sequence of the otherfile is the same as builerun file. At present, the tool has implemented sortingof strategy part.

This is Chinese link:

 Tool Name
 Release Time
 FWConverter V100R006C00SPC101  2017/12/01
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