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yingmu   管理员 

  Scene Type Feaature name LINK
Huawei Enterprise Support Website  Overview Video [Video]Introduction Video of Huawei Enterprise Support Website link1
video [Video]Huawei Enterprise Support Website Quick Start link1
DM the new homepage of Enterprise Support Website is online! link1
DM Better Enterprise Platform, Better Technical Support link 1
Obtaining resource DM Everything Search on Enterprise Support Website link1
DM Onebox Search Takes You Straight into the Desired Information link1
DM FAQs about documentation acquisition, and account level & benefits link1
video Huawei Documentation Accessible link 1
video [Video]Search for Documents,Download Documents,Filter Search Results(1) link 1
video [Video]Search for Documents Download Documents, Filter Search Results(2) link1
Multimedia Portal DM The Support-E Multimedia Portal is online! link1
Product Solution  DM Product Solution Have come link1
My Favorites DM Add Resources to Favorites,you will never miss good website resources
My Subscriptions  DM My Subscriptions Take Control of What You Want link1
Intelligent online platform   Support-E Essential Tips and Tricks on Intelligent Q&A link1
DM iKnow-Huawei Intelligent online platform-Main slide Link1
DM Huawei intelligent online platform-Your Capable Assistant Link1
video [Video]Huawei Intelligent Online Platform link1
Account upgrade DM [Tutorial 1] Huawei Enterprise Support Website Registration Guide link1
DM [Tutorial 2]Upgrade Permissions to Obtain More Resources and Services link1
video [Video] Account register and channel user account upgrade link1 
Feedback DM Have Your Say in Huawei Documentation link1
DM Feedback Function Update Brings Easier Problem Reporting link1
video [Video] Huawei Documentation Feedback Link 1


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Jean34 发表于 2017-8-31 00:35
Is good but is pending documentation for example for the AR511 
A3132326000 发表于 2017-8-26 12:57
support website we cannot get maximum knowledge 
A3132326000 发表于 2017-8-26 12:53
gululu   管理员  发表于 2017-8-15 08:36:34 已赞(0) 赞(0)

good good
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m7g   小试牛刀  发表于 2017-8-15 15:11:05 已赞(0) 赞(0)

some Feaature name - > may be wrong word on top of table?
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mahboob 发表于 2017-9-7 01:09
Resources are very limited, compare to the image of the company 
yingmu 发表于 2017-8-15 15:23
yeap, thank you for that. i will fix it right now. 
WBR, Evgeny Kobozev
nklsureshkumar   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-15 21:54:28 已赞(0) 赞(0)

Excellent documents..
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yingmu   管理员  发表于 2017-8-16 16:16:36 已赞(0) 赞(0)

hello, this is the activity ~come on~http://forum.huawei.com/enterprise/thread-413743.html
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MidoDido   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-18 19:57:18 已赞(0) 赞(0)

the new homepage of Enterprise Support Website is not working and returns (Sorry. The requested page does not exist)

Please fix
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MidoDido   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-18 20:53:08 已赞(0) 赞(0)

In the (http://support.huawei.com/e) search results :-
Why it is not applicable to open any search results in a new page instead of opening it in the same page
then returns back to open a new one!!
It consumes time

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Moghazy   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-27 15:55:36 已赞(0) 赞(0)

supportive and good info in enterprise line no 3
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anand.kata   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-29 20:43:59 已赞(0) 赞(0)

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Bhawna   初出茅庐  发表于 2017-8-29 21:02:17 已赞(0) 赞(0)

I Don't Have Any Knowledge
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