The awards announcement :[Activity]Feedback on Huawei Enterprise biweekly and forum ,win Amazon Gift Card

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Released on : 2018-6-12 10:16:22   Latest reply:2018-06-12 14:53:02
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yingmu  Admin  

Congratulations my friend!


We really appreciate your time and kindly support, and also thanks for your valuable suggestion.


Like always, your support helps us maintain a high standard of service, thanks!


Huawei Support & HedEx Group


User Award User Award
Mysterious.color 100USD Amazon card wissal 50USD Amazon card
mike107 10USD Amazon card Hanilsjd 300 E-Nectar
sklmobo 300 E-Nectar Fesalsnan 300 E-Nectar
searasre3a 300 E-Nectar EdenHazard10 300 E-Nectar
Ramezhndi 300 E-Nectar blkone 300 E-Nectar
Mdnsyu 300 E-Nectar Alihabobo 300 E-Nectar
lebannon 300 E-Nectar ahwa 300 E-Nectar
Latakia 300 E-Nectar Aboanad 300 E-Nectar
hatl35bz 300 E-Nectar 3baseen 300 E-Nectar

For Amazon card winner: please send your personal information to email box before 17:00 on 25th June,Prizes will be forfeited after this deadline.

Mail title: Award [Activity]Feedback on Huawei Enterprise biweekly and forum ,win Amazon Gift Card
Message content: Forum ID + name + phone + Email+country + company

For E-Nectar winner: yingmu will send E-Nectar to your forum account directly.

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Go to the specified floor
yingmu  Admin   Released on 2018-6-12 10:19:57 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

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wissal Released on 2018-6-12 13:04
Hi yingmu, I am lucky Thanks so much.  
yingmu Reply wissal  Released on 2018-6-12 14:13
hi ,wissal ,thank you for your effort. please send your information to email box. thanks a lot.  
wissal     Released on 2018-6-12 13:02:01 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

My congratulations for the winners and good luck for the others.
Please take advantage of this platform to learn, share your skills and know-how.
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gululu  Admin   Released on 2018-6-12 14:28:06 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

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Come on!
Mysterious.color  Novice   Released on 2018-6-12 14:53:02 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

thank you my friend
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yingmu Released on 2018-6-12 15:59
thanks a lot ~  
yingmu Released on 6 days ago
hi, my friend ,please send your information to  
Mysterious.color Reply yingmu  Released on 6 days ago
done my friend  
live long and try your best
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