How to port forward in 4G LTE B880-75

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Released on : 2018-2-15 04:50:04   Latest reply:2018-03-22 16:37:28
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I tried several times to configure the port forwarding in my router B880-75. I disabled the firewall switch and tried set the port 443 & 80 in Virtual server then restart the router. 

But unfortunately, when I'm cheking the port using portchecker it shown that Connection refused and port cannot open.

Is there anyone here to give advice and give the configuration manual of Huawei B880-75.

Thank you in advance.
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MRYang  Moderator   Released on 2018-3-14 16:45:09 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

This forum only can solve network product questions, B880 does not belong this, PLS find other channels for help.
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StarOfWest  Moderator   Released on 2018-3-22 16:37:28 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

For mobile & home device issue, pls refer to:
You are also welcome to send an email to or Hotline Service if you have any questions about Huawei Consumer products.
Thanks for your understanding.
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