hg8245q cannot access internet thru wifi

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Released on : 2018-2-4 22:33:08   Latest reply:2018-02-05 09:23:52
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As the title says, I cannot access the internet thru the Wi-Fi both for 2.4ghz and 5ghz. 
But I can access it thru wired/ethernet connection.

So far I tried the following:
  1. Restarting the router
  2. Turning on and then turning off wlan/wifi
  3. I tried resetting to default settings

But still no luck can someone help me? Do I need to configure something after resetting to default settings?
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David17  Moderator   Released on 2018-2-5 09:23:52 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

Yes, you need do the configuration for wifi after resetting to default settings.
You can refer to the following link to configure
Product Documentation : Configuration > FTTH Configuration > Gateway ONT Network Scenario (GPON and 10G GPON Access)

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