Applying local route to qos-local-id 1

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Released on : 2018-2-1 22:34:29   Latest reply:2018-02-02 16:00:39
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Hi all,

I am trying to tag the directly connected IP to qos-local-id 1 into BGP, but it doesn't work. Please help.

[~PE02]dis cur int Gi0/3/23.10
interface GigabitEthernet0/3/23.10
 vlan-type dot1q 10
 set flow-stat interval 30
 ip address

[~PE02]dis cur conf route-policy INFR-REDISTRIBUTE
route-policy INFR-REDISTRIBUTE permit node 10
 apply qos-local-id 1

[~PE02]dis cur conf bgp
bgp 65535
 ipv4-family unicast
  undo synchronization
  import-route direct route-policy INFR-REDISTRIBUTE

[~PE02]dis bgp routing-table
 BGP local router ID :
 Local AS number : 65535
 Paths:   1 available, 1 best, 1 select, 0 best-external, 0 add-path
 BGP routing table entry information of
 Imported route.
 From: ( 
 Route Duration: 0d04h33m01s
 Direct Out-interface: GigabitEthernet0/3/23.10
 Original nexthop:
 Qos information : 0x0           
 AS-path Nil, origin incomplete, MED 0, pref-val 0, valid, local, best, select, pre 0
 Not advertised to any peer yet
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MRYang  Moderator   Released on 2018-2-2 16:00:39 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Can you try this ?

ip ip-prefix test index 10 permit 24

route-policy INFR-REDISTRIBUTE permit node 10
if-match ip-prefix test
apply qos-local-id 1
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