cannot change wifi password..

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hello guys!.. need your help, my router is HG8245H and for some reason it's unable to change wifi password, "not login ones" it has password but its look like default, when i'm tryin to make a new WLAN, it automatically have the passord "wpa/wpa2 preshared key" and when tryin to change, it cannot.. even i cant remove the check mark when we want to see the password instead of dots..
can anyone help me?.. thx before
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user_2627027  Moderator   Released on 2018-3-14 16:35:09 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

with the login account and password is root/admin?
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StarOfWest  Moderator   Released on 2018-3-22 16:41:43 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


Please refer to this link. You need to reach WLAN > WLAN Basic Configuration page and then you have the possibility to change the wifi password. ... E%252BConfiguration
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