Huawei launches UK ICT Academy advisory board,Also announces new Huawei Authorised Information Network Academy partnership with Queen Mary University

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London, UK, 29 November 2017: Huawei, a leading globalinformation and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announcedthe formation of its first HAINA (Huawei Authorized Information NetworkAcademy) ICT advisory board in the UK, as well as an MOU with Queen MaryUniversity for ICT Academy cooperation.

Theaddition of Queen Mary University to the HAINA programme will bring the numberof UK members in the UK to 13 since the University of Reading was announced asthe first partner in 2015. In October Huawei announced another partnership withBarking and Dagenham College to cultivate IT talent and help students becomeemployment ready.


The first Huawei ICT Academy AdvisoryBoard meeting was held at Queen Mary University on 28th November.

Robert Yang(left), Managing Directorof Huawei UK Enterprise Business Group, signed MOU with Professor Edmund Burke,Vice Principal for Science and Engineering, Queen Mary University for ICTAcademy cooperation.

TheICT Academy advisory board is chaired by Professor Edmund Burke, Vice Principalfor Science and Engineering, Queen Mary University and is co-chaired by MrBradd Feng, Director, Training & Certification, Global, Huawei. The firstmeeting of the board took place on November 28th.

Thethree core goals of the advisory board will be to strengthen communication andestablish an effective operating mechanism to boost collaboration among thepartner organisations, and to assist Huawei with ICT Academy developmentplanning.

ProfessorEdmund Burke, Vice Principal for Science and Engineering, Queen MaryUniversity, said: “We’re very pleased to announce this partnership with Huawei.The fast pace of change in technology means that education of the nextgeneration is very important, and collaborations like this mean that we cangive students the best start in their careers. I’m delighted to chair theadvisory board to help further drive this programme in the UK.”

RobertYang, Managing Director of Huawei UK Enterprise Business Group, Huawei said:“The HAINA programme in the UK is part of a global initiative to drive STEMeducation and foster the next generation of ICT talents. This is a huge focusfor Huawei and we are very happy to benefit from the experience that ProfessorBurke and other colleagues on the advisory board can offer. Queen MaryUniversity is a welcome addition to the programme and we look forward to helpingto empower students with the latest ICT technologyknowledge.”

Huaweiis currently cooperating with over 240 universities to open Huawei ICTAcademies across China, North America, Europe, Australia and more. Every year,the Academy trains over 16,200 students globally. The Huawei ICT Academyprogram also runs a global annual ‘Skills Competition’ for students, givinglocal country winners the opportunity to visit China for the finals and competewith students from across the globe.

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