How to obtain the equipment serial number?

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How to obtain  the equipment serial number on my devices?

------------please kindly check the device as below------------

Product Line  Product Type  Product Name
Network CE Series Data Center Switch CloudEngine 12800、CloudEngine 1800V、CloudEngine 5800、CloudEngine 6800、CloudEngine 7800、CloudEngine 8800
S Series Campus Switch Agile Demo Box、S12700、S1700、S2300、S2300、S2700、S3300、S3700、S5300、S5700、S600-E、S6300、S6700、S7700、S9300、S9700
eSight eSight
Agile Controller-Campus Agile Controller-Campus
Agile Controller-DCN Agile Controller-DCN
AC Series & AD9000 & WS6603 AC6003 AC6005 AC6605 ACU ACU2 WS6603、AD9000、WS6603
ME60 & AR series & NE series AR 18-20 AR 19-10-OVS AR 19-10-W-OVS AR 19-13-I-OVS AR 19-13-IW-OVS AR 19-15-I-OVS AR Common AR100 AR100-S AR110-S AR120 AR120-S AR1200 AR1200-S AR150 AR150-S AR160 AR160-S AR1600 AR19&29&49 Series Routers AR19-03-W-OVS AR200 AR200-S AR2200 AR2200-S AR3200 AR3200-S AR3600 NetEngine16EX Quidway AR 18-20-OVS Quidway AR 19-05-W-OVS Quidway AR 19-15-IW-OVS Quidway AR 19-61-OVS Quidway AR 29-01-OVS Quidway AR 29-21-OVS Quidway AR 29-41-OVS Quidway AR 49-45-AC-OVS Quidway AR 49-45-DC-OVS Quidway AR18-102X3XE Quidway AR18-1X Quidway AR18-2X&3X&3XE Quidway AR28-09B Quidway AR28-46 Quidway AR46 Quidway R1003 Quidway R1004 Quidway R1602 Quidway R1603 Quidway R1603E Quidway R1604 Quidway R1760 Quidway R2500 Quidway R2500E Quidway R26-36 Quidway R4001 Quidway R4001E Quidway SOHO-S1008A Quidway SOHO-S1505L Quidway SOHO-S1505L-CN USR20-6 USR20-8、NE5000E NE9000
Secospace USG Secospace AntiDDoS1500 Secospace AntiDDoS1500-D Secospace AntiDDoS1520 Secospace AntiDDoS1550 Secospace AntiDDoS1650 Secospace AntiDDoS1680 Secospace AntiDDoS8000 Secospace AntiDDoS8030 Secospace AntiDDoS8080 Secospace AntiDDoS8160
 IT Storage OceanStor N8300 Cluster NAS、OceanStor N8500 Cluster NAS、OceanStor SNS2120、OceanStor SNS5120、T Series Storage、T3000 G3、OceanStor VTL6000、OceanStor VTL6900、OceanStor VIS6300/VIS6600、UDS6200(The other version is based on RH2285, please refer to RHJ2285)、OceanStor S12100/12300、Dorado2100/Dorado5100、HDP3500、HDP3500E、HDP3510/5510、UDS、OceanStor 9000E、OceanStor SNS2124、OceanStor SNS2224、OceanStor SNS2248、OceanStor SNS3096、OceanStor SNS5192、OceanStor SNS5384、VIS6000T、OceanStor 9000、OceanStor 18000、OceanStor T Series V2
Cloud Computing Galax(FusionCompute, FusionManager)、VDesktop6000
(FusionAccess)、XenDesktop、XenApp、TC、NetScaler、Galax(FusionCompute, FusionManager)、FusionCompute、FusionManager、HyperDP、N8500(V200R001C09)、FusionCompute、FusionManager、FusionStorage、HyperDP、N8500(V200R001C09)、E9000、S5600/S5500T(3900)/S5600T/S6800T、E6000、X6000、RH1285/RH2285/RH2488/RH2288、S5700
Server X6000 Chassis、XH310、XH310 V2、XH311 V2、XH320、XH320 V2、XH620、XH621 V2、X8000 Chassis、DH310 V2、DH320 V2、E6000 Chassis、BH620、BH640 V2、BH622 V2、BH621 V2、BH620 V2、CH121、CH220、CH221、CH222、CH240、RH5885 V2、RH2488 V2、RH2485 V2、RH1288 V2、RH2285 V2、RH2265 V2、RH2288 V2、RH2268 V2、RH5485、RH2285H V2、RH2288H V2、RH2285/RH1285、T3200 G3、T3500 G3、N2000:T3000 G、ES2000/ES3000 SSD/iNIC1000/PCI-e DBA
 Network Energy Air Condition NetCol8000A、NetCol8000C、NetCol5000、Outside Unit、DME Serial Of Emerson、CRV Serial Of Emerson、PEX Serial Of Emerson、Outside Unit Of  Emerson
NetEco Hareware RH2288/2285、Quidway S2309、ECC500、6128G2、IPC2701、WS332M2-5、ZYT-WCON-14Z、CCU-05D、SDLH-94R、ECC500
UPS UPS5000A、UPS5000E、UPS2000G、UPS8000D
Embedded Power ETP4830-A1、ETP48150-A3、ETP48200-A6、ETP48200-C5A3
Outside Power TP48200A、TP48400A
Insite Power TP48200B-N20A5、Mini TP48300B、TP48300B/600B、TP482000B
PowerCube500 ICC30、ICC50
Fire Product Of IDS1000 Fire Product Of IDS1000
 Telecom Energy Subrack Power ETP4830-A1、ETP48150-A3、ETP48200-A6、ETP48200-C5A3
Outdoor Power TP48200A、TP48400A、TP48600A、MTS9000A
Indoor Power TP48200B-N20A5、Mini TP48300B、TP48300B/600B、TP482000B
PowerCube1000 ICC500-HA、ICC500-HD、ICC310-H、ICC330-G4、ICC702、ICC900-HA
PowerCube500 ICC30、ICC50
Monitor and Power Module ECC500 SMU03A Monitor、02310HTP SMU02B Monitor、02310QRX SMU02B Monitor、02310QRXSMU02B Monitor、02310FPM SSU:Solar Supply Unit 1U、02130872 PSU:Power Supply Unit 2U、02310TQD PSU:Power Supply Unit 1U、02310FFA PSU:Power Supply Unit 1U
Cloud Core Network VC SMCSwitch CenterVP9660VP9650VP9630RSE6500TE40/TE50/TE60TE30
UC U1981/U1960/U1930/U1911U1980ECSIP phone(espace 78\79\89 series)IAD1224HIAD104H
Wireless eNB530 BBU3910eRRU3232eRRU3253eRRU3251eRRU3255
UE Termina EP820EP681EP680EP630EP650EV750
Customer Premises Equipment EG860eA660eA360TAU600
Application Server  eUDC、eOMC、eAPP、eMDC
Transmission OSN MSTP OptiX OSN 1500AOptiX OSN 1500BOptiX OSN 2500OptiX OSN 3500OptiX OSN 3500 IIOptiX OSN 550OptiX OSN 580OptiX OSN 7500OptiX OSN 7500 II  
OSN WDM&OTN OptiX OSN 1600GOptiX OSN 1800 IOptiX OSN 1800 IIOptiX OSN 1800VOptiX OSN 6800OptiX OSN 8800 T64OptiX OSN 8800 T32OptiX OSN 9800
RTN Microwave OptiX RTN 905 / 910 /950OptiX RTN 980OptiX RTN 620
Access Network OLT SmartAX EA5800SmartAX EA5821SmartAX MA5600TSmartAX MA5603T SmartAX MA5608TSmartAX MA5680TSmartAX MA5683TSmartAX MA5800 
MDU EchoLife HG8010XEchoLife HG8010YEchoLife HG8010ZEchoLife HG8120XEchoLife HG8120YEchoLife HG8120ZSmartAX EA5821SmartAX F01S100SmartAX F01S300SmartAX F01S50SmartAX MA5606TSmartAX MA5610SmartAX MA5611SSmartAX MA5612SmartAX MA5612ASmartAX MA5616SmartAX MA5620SmartAX MA5621SmartAX MA5621ASmartAX MA5622ASmartAX MA5623SmartAX MA5623ASmartAX MA5626SmartAX MA5628 SmartAX MA5650SmartAX MA5652SmartAX MA5662SmartAX MA5669SmartAX MA5670SmartAX MA5671SmartAX MA5675SmartAX MA5675MSmartAX MA5690SmartAX MA5691SmartAX MA5694SmartAX MA5698SmartAX MA5811SSmartAX MA5818SmartAX MA5820SmartAX MA5821SmartAX MA5822SmartAX MA5871SmartAX MA5878  SmartAX MA5898
ONT EchoLife EG8040FEchoLife EG8040PEchoLife EG8120EchoLife EG8240HEchoLife EG8240PEchoLife EG8247HEchoLife HG8010EchoLife HG8010FEchoLife HG8010HEchoLife HG8012HEchoLife HG8040EchoLife HG8040FEchoLife HG8040HEchoLife HG8042EchoLife HG8043EchoLife HG8045EchoLife HG8045AEchoLife HG8045HEchoLife HG8045jEchoLife HG8110EchoLife HG8110FEchoLife HG8110HEchoLife HG8120EchoLife HG8120CEchoLife HG8120FEchoLife HG8120REchoLife HG8145CEchoLife HG8240EchoLife HG8240FEchoLife HG8240HEchoLife HG8240REchoLife HG8240SEchoLife HG8240wEchoLife HG8242EchoLife HG8242HEchoLife HG8245EchoLife HG8245AEchoLife HG8245HEchoLife HG8245REchoLife HG8245TEchoLife HG8247EchoLife HG8247aEchoLife HG8247HEchoLife HG8247TEchoLife HG8310MEchoLife HG8321EchoLife HG8447EchoLife HN8245Q 
UA5000 UA5000

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