Some forum and Q&A community Management regulations

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Some technical forum and Q&A community

Management regulations


The First chapter: General rules

No.1: Forum and Q&A community is a communication platform for Huawei Enterprise business groupcustomers and partners to exchange technology and interactive, in order to regulate the website technology forum and Q&A community method, promote exchanging experience and sharing, while ensuring information security, hereby formulated these rules.

No.2: All technical forums, community administrators have the responsibility to participate in reply and discussion website users (including internal, external users) questions, obey these all provisions terms.

No.3: Forum ICT forum, user support each other platform, in order to support our business services brand

No.4: Q&A community and answer technical question.

The Second chapter: Right and Responsibility

No.5: Forum and community users are equal;

No.6: Obey the lawregulations and all other applicable lawsregulations and rules of the Peoples Republic of China

No.7: Do not upload, display or transmit any false, sexual harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, vulgar or obscene in any other unlawful information;

No.8: It’s not allowed that create unrelated forum, community purposes thread, and reply irrelevant, upload content independent pictures;

The Third chapter: Post thread or ask question rules

No.8: Do not use forum and Q&A community spread information as below:

     1Any politic and speech violate China law and regulation;

     2Any contents make negative effect to company reputation and brand, or disturb forum and Q&A community speech method;

     3Related to expensescostoffer information;

           4Related to the product defect, the product bug;

           5Involves product planning, road and other product development information;

           6Involves the market business, contract content and competition ***ysis information;

           7 Involves the customer company, contact, contact customer information etc.;

           8 Relates to clearly identify the company confidential document content;

       No.9: When the forum and Q&A community administrator can not judge whether it is belong to the illegal information, can submitted to the community forum group review;

N0.10: Any related to the illegal information, forums and Q&A community administrators have the right to delete or shield, and depending on the seriousness of the right to ID, cancellation of ID etc,  until submit to the related departments responsibility;

No.11: forum and Q&A community manager have the right to delete thread or question, according to the layout management need;

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very useful .. thanks
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useful content, thanks
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Hamza     Released on 2018-4-23 14:41:27 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Thanks for Useful Documentation.
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