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Part 1: Huawei ISM Simulator


[Function Overview]

1. Assistant functions: Initialize array device configurations, allocate storage space, expand LUNs, create snapshots, create LUN copies, and create remote replication tasks.

2. System functions: Import and export configuration data, collect information, manage data security, view event logs, monitor array performance, and perform other advance configurations.

3. Viewing device functions: View information about disk enclosures, controllers, interface module types, port types, and disk capacity.

4. Managing storage resource functions: Manage RAID groups, LUNs, SmartCache, resource pools, snapshots, LUN copies, remote replication tasks, and consistency groups.

5. Mapping functions: Create host groups, host, and initiators.

Huawei ISM Simulator Issue 01 (for S5000T V1R5/S5000/N8000/S8000/VIS/Dorado)

Huawei ISM Simulator Issue 02 (for S5000T V2R1)

Part 2: Simulators from Other Manufacturers

[Function Overview]

IT engineers often need to commission different storage devices in their work. Unlike other devices, they seldom have opportunities to lay their hands on storage devices and run some tests on them. Thanks to simulators provided by HP, IBM, DELL, EMC, and NetApp, these simulators help IT engineers have a better understanding of storage devices.

EMC Storage Simulator EMC VNXe Demo1.60

IBM Storage Simulator IBM-DSSM_1050_V3

Simulator IBM lsi RAID

IBM Storage Simulator sm9I

Simulator IBM V3700

Simulator IBM V3500

HP EVA Storage Simulator [Software + English Tutorial]

NetApp Storage Simulator ONTAP 8.1.1

DELL EqualLogic Storage Simulator

Part 3: Document Generator

[Function Overview]

A document generator provides customized documents (such as product installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting) as required.

Online versions can be generated and saved in web pages; while offline versions can be used to make customized materials when no network is available.

T Series VIR5 Document Generator (Offline Version)

T Series VIR5 Document Generator (Online Version)

T Series V2R1 Document Generator (Offline Version)

T Series V2R1 Document Generator (Online Version)

Part 4: Inspection Deployment Tool


[Function Overview]

Huawei-developed ISM ServiceTool features three functions, namely, deployment, inspection, and maintenance. These three functions are edged tools for maintaining products.

Huawei-developed Cloud Service can report fault device information remotely, significantly reducing time to report alarms and rectify faults.

ISM ServiceTool

Cloud Service

Part 5: Related Tools for Pre-Sale Planning


[Function Overview]

During preliminary planning, market technical engineers plan storage capacity, calculate consumption, and compare with specifications. During bidding preparations, the engineers need to quickly query information about third-party authentication for Huawei storage devices. The following tools can meet market technical engineers' requirements:

Huawei Storage Consumption Computing Tool

Huawei Storage Capacity Performance Computing Tool

Huawei Storage Specification Comparison Tool

Huawei Storage Authentication Quick-Check Tool

Part 6: Other Common Tools


[Function Overview]

Easy Recovery, as a common third-party data recovery program, recovers data in scenarios where a file system is mistakenly formatted, a file system is changed to raw format due to damage structure, and a file is mistakenly deleted. Easy Recovery has an optimal performance in the first two scenarios. 

Easy Recovery

[Function Overview]

The DiskGuard is the software used for continuous data protection. It consists of a service program deployed on an application server and a CLI. The DiskGuard provides detailed data protection policies for disks, disk partitions, and logical volumes. Based on a continuous- or periodic-protection mechanism, the DiskGuard protects disks without interrupting services and provides multiple snapshot duplicates for each production disk, allowing users to restore data at any point in time.

Disk Guard


Self-service platform of Huawei storage products: Link

Huawei storage product multimedia videos-Youku area: Link

Huawei storage after-sale documentation bookshelf: Link-CH; Link-EN

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