Method used to configure association between BFD and VRRP on the AR

Run the vrrp vrid virtual-router-id track bfd-session session-id peer command to enable VRRP to monitor the BFD session status to implement an active/standby switchover.

interface Vlanif1
ip address
vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip
vrrp vrid 1 priority 90
vrrp vrid 1 track bfd-session 20 increased 20 //Associate VRRP with BFD to implement a rapid active/standby switchover.
vrrp vrid 2 virtual-ip //VRRP groups 1 and 2 implement load balancing.
vrrp vrid 2 track bfd-session 20 reduced 20
traffic-policy 0 inbound //Implement differentiated service through PBR.

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