Configure multicast on the AR router

For the AR router, the configuration roadmap is as follows:
1. Configure the Layer 3 multicast function on the Layer 3 network to implement multicast routing (supported by some AR models).
a. Configure a unicast routing protocol to achieve unicast interworking. This is the prerequisite of multicast routing.
b. Configure PIM-SM and configure a multicast traffic aggregation point as the rendezvous point (RP).
c. Enable IGMP on interfaces of user gateways to learn multicast service requirements of users. PIM generates multicast routes based on IGMP group information and forwards multicast data to receiver network segments.
2. Configure Layer 2 multicast on the Layer 2 network to forward multicast data to Layer 2 outbound physical interfaces accurately.
a. Enable IGMP snooping in a VLAN.

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