When Can I Specify a Password When Applying For a Cloud Host on ServiceCenter

ManageOne ServiceCenter

3.0.9, 3.0.9SPC1, and 3.0.9SPC2

When can I specify a password when applying for a cloud host on ServiceCenter?

If the cloud host type is Huawei cloud host and the AZ type is FusionCompute or KVM, you can specify a password.

If the AZ type is FusionCompute, set the cloud host password policy to FusionSphere Openstack when configuring the FusionCompute resource pool on FusionSphere OpenStack so that you can successfully log in to the cloud host using a password on ServiceCenter.
If the AZ type is KVM, you can specify the password only when Cloud-Init is installed on the image and Cloud-Init is selected during image registration on FusionSphere OpenStack OM.


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