The System Prompts that the Organization Administrator Has Insufficient Permissions When Logging in to ServiceCenter Because No VDC is Available in the Organization



【Fault Type�?
Resource management fault

The system prompts that the organization administrator of a new organization does not have sufficient permissions to log in to ServiceCenter.

【Fault Locating�?
Check the organization of the organization administrator. If no VDC is available, the system will report insufficient permissions when the organization administrator logs in to the tenant portal.

【Root Cause�?
In ServiceCenter 3.0.5 or later, an organization administrator can only log in to the tenant portal. If the organization does not have a VDC, the system prompts that the organization administrator does not have sufficient permissions, and the login fails. In this case, you need to create a VDC and try to log in again.

Step 1 Log in to ServiceCenter as the super system administrator.
Step 2 Choose Organization > VDC > VDC Management.
Step 3 Click Create VDC.
Step 4 Log in to the tenant portal as the organization administrator after the VDC is successfully created.


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