What Do I Do If ServiceCenter Failed to Interconnect with FusionManager

ManageOne ServiceCenter


What do I do if ServiceCenter fails to interconnect with FusionManager?

Step 1 Check whether the following two conditions are met:
"no connector found in db" exists in the connector.log file of ServiceCenter.
"system account already locked" exists in the portal.log file of FusionManager.
If the preceding two conditions are met, the status failure occurs because FusionManager locked the FMRest account. Unlock the account to resolve the problem.

Step 2 Use PuTTY and the floating IP address of the management nodes to log in to FusionManager as user galaxmanager. If FusionManger is deployed in single-node mode, use the management IP address to log in to FusionManager.

Step 3 Run the following command to disable PuTTY logout on timeout:

Step 4 Run the following command to unlock the FMRest account:
unlockSysAccount FMRest


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