What Do I Do If 404 resource not found Is Reported When the VPC List Is Queried


3.0.5, 3.0.5.SPC1, 3.0.5.SPC2, 3.0.5.SPC3, and 3.0.5.SPC5

【Fault Type�?
System fault

After a VPC is created on ServiceCenter, "404 recourse not found" is displayed when you switch to the VPC list page.

【Fault Locating�?
The FusionSphere OpenStack resource pool version displayed on ServiceCenter is 6.0, but the actual version is 6.1. After the FusionSphere OpenStack version on ServiceCenter is changed, the API is normal.

【Root Cause�?
When the ServiceCenter is interconnected with the FusionSphere OpenStack cloud resource pool, the version is incorrectly set to 6.0, but the actual version is 6.1.When ServiceCenter is interconnected with FusionSphere OpenStack 6.0 and 6.1, the background driver layer contains two sets of different codes. The processing logic of the API for querying the VPC list is changed. Therefore, an error message is displayed when the interconnected version is inconsistent with the actual version.

Perform the following operations to change the FusionSphere OpenStack version in the ServiceCenter database:
Step 1 Use PuTTY to log in to the active ServiceCenter node as user galaxmanager.
The default password is Huawei@CLOUD8.

Step 2 Run the following command to enter the engineering mode:
The default password is Huawei@CLOUD8!.

Step 3 Run the following command to disable user logout upon system timeout:

Step 4 Run the following command to switch to user dbadmin:
su - dbadmin

Step 5 Run the following command to access the database:
gsql -W Manager@123

Step 6 Run the following commands to change the FusionSphere OpenStack version in the database from 6.0 to 6.1:
update connector.connector set VERSION='6.1' where VERSION='6.0';
update ssp.cloud_infra set VERSION='6.1' where VERSION=�?.0';
update ssp.cloud_infra_attr set value ='6.1' where ATTR='version' and value ='6.0';


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