What Do I Do If Error Code 404 Is Reported When a Route Network Is Deleted from ServiceCenter or a Router Is Disassociated


3.0, 3.0.SPC2, 3.0.5, 3.0.5.SP1, 3.0.5.SP2, 3.0.5.SP3, 3.0.5.SP5, 3.0.7, and 3.0.8

【Fault Type�?
Network fault

When a route network is deleted or a router is disassociated, 404 not found is displayed on the page.

【Fault Locating�?
Step 1 Use SSH to log in to a FusionSphere OpenStack node through the reverse proxy IP address.
The default username and password are FSP and Huawei@CLOUD8, respectively.

Step 2 Switch to user root.

Step 3 Run the following command to import environment variables:
source set_env

Step 4 Run the following command to check the neutron plug-in configuration on FusionSphere OpenStack:
cps template-params-show --service neutron neutron-server
Check the service_plugins information.
The VPN plug-in information is not configured. Therefore, error code 404 is displayed.

【Root Cause�?
In an SDN scenario, the VPN plug-in is not configured on FusionSphere OpenStack. Error code 404 is reported when a route network is deleted from ServiceCenter or a router is disassociated.

Contact FusionSphere OpenStack engineers to configure the VPN plug-in.


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