What Do I Do If a License Cannot Be Imported to ServiceCenter Because It Contains Invalid Characters


3.0, 3.0.SPC2, 3.0.5, 3.0.5.SP1, 3.0.5.SP2, 3.0.5.SP3, 3.0.5.SP5, and 3.0.7

【Fault Type�?
License fault

When a license is imported to ServiceCenter, the error message "The request has Invalid parameter: <, >." or "The request has invalid parameter <, >" is displayed.

【Fault Locating�?
The error message displayed on the page indicates that the license contains special characters such as angle brackets <>. Special characters will result in a verification failure.

【Root Cause�?
The license file contains angle brackets <>. After the license is imported to ServiceCenter, the security framework verifies the license file. The verification will fail to prevent XSS attacks if special characters are found.
Check the BOQ and find that the site information contains angle brackets <>. The license file generated on the ESDP platform contains the site information. As a result, the license contains special characters.

Temporary Solution
After an ESN change (set ESN Change Type to Without revocation code) is performed on the ESDP platform, the changed ESN is still the original ESN. After the change, the new license file does not contain angle brackets <>.
Final Solution
This problem will be resolved in ServiceCenter 3.0.8.


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