How Do I Locate the Cause If the Host Name Is Different From the VM Name for Creating a VM on ServiceCenter

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How do I locate the cause if the host name is different from the VM name for creating a VM on ServiceCenter?

When creating a VM, you need to enter Host Name and Name for the VM. Name is the VM name displayed in the ServiceCenter VM list. Host Name is the name of the host created on FusionManager. If the OS of the host is Windows, right-click the host and choose Properties from the shortcut menu to view the host name. If the OS of the host is Linux, log in to the FusionManager server. The part before "@" is the host name.
To change the host name of a VM, you need to configure VM specifications.
After VM specifications are configured, the initial random password and computer name customization functions are enabled after a VM is created. By default, you cannot customize the host name. The VM created from the template uses the initial password that is manually set. The initial password is not generated randomly. After VM specifications are configured, you can customize the host name, but the initial password of the VMs is randomly generated.


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