An Internal Error Is Reported When I Delete a VM That Has Passed the Frozen Period from the ServiceCenter Recycle Bin

ManageOne ServiceCenter


【Fault Type�?
Resource management fault

An internal error is reported when a VM that has passed the frozen period is deleted from the recycle bin.

【Fault Locating�?
Possible cause: The VM is directly deleted from FusionSphere OpenStack.
Check method: Use PuTTY and the reverse proxy IP address to log in to the FusionSphere OpenStack server as user fsp. The default password is Huawei@CLOUD8. Run the nova list --all-t command to query all VMs.
Conclusion: The VM to be deleted in the ServiceCenter recycle bin does not exist on FusionSphere OpenStack.

【Troubleshooting Procedure�?
In the recycle bin of ServiceCenter, click the recovery icon of the VM where the error occurs. The VM is successfully deleted from the recycle bin.

【Suggestions and Summary�?
Directly perform operations such as creating and deleting VMs on ServiceCenter, other than on FusionSphere OpenStack.


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