How Do I Test the SFTP Configuration of eSight on ManageOne OperationCenter


3.0.9 and earlier

How do I test the SFTP configuration of eSight on ManageOne OperationCenter?

Step 1 Use PuTTY to log in to the remote server where OperationCenter resides as user appuser.

Step 2 Run the sftp –P 31922 sftpuser@ command.
---31922: indicates the SFTP port of eSight rather than port 22.
--sftpuser: indicates the configured SFTP username.
-- indicates the IP address of eSight.

Step 3 Run the following command to check for the PerformanceFiles folder.
sftp> ls

Step 4 If the PerformanceFiles folder exists, run the following command to change directory to this folder.
sftp> cd PerformanceFiles

Step 5 Run the following command to check for a performance file.
sftp> ls

Step 6 Run the following command to exit.
sftp> bye


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