How Do Locate the Alarms that a Third-party System Reports to OperationCenter Through SNMP


3.0.9 and earlier

How do I locate the alarms that a third-party system reports to OperationCenter through SNMP?

Step 1 Log in to the OperationCenter server and run the netstat -nap |grep 10163 command to check whether the SNMP port is listening. If the following information is displayed, this port is listening:
linux-KxfuAR:/opt/load # netstat -nap |grep 10163
udp 0 0* 67636/java
linux-KxfuAR:/opt/load #

Step 2 If the port is not listening, restart the SNMP management station on OperationCenter.
If the SNMP port is listening, enable the third-party system to report the alarm again and then view the log file /opt/OperationCenter/AppBase/OC/AppBase/var/iemp/log/oc/sbi/sbi.log. (If the debug log is available, open the debug log file first). Search for the IP address of the node that reports the alarm and check whether this node has reported such an alarm. If yes, OperationCenter may not receive the alarm. In this case, use the packet capture tool to check whether relevant packets have been received.

Step 3 If OperationCenter has received the packets, search for the alarm on OperationCenter.

Step 4 If the alarm cannot be found, continue to view the alarm log and check whether the alarm has been masked or discarded.


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