What Are the Possible Causes of the Failure in Importing Static Alarm Information from a Local Excel File to OperationCenter


3.0.9 and earlier

What are the possible causes of the failure in importing static alarm information from a local Excel file to OperationCenter?

Possible cause 1:
The Excel file contains no table headings, and it only contains alarm IDs and alarm names.

Possible cause 2:
The template downloaded from OperationCenter is an Excel 2003 file. OperationCenter only supports Excel 2003 files. Static alarm information cannot be imported from a local file in Excel 2007 or later versions.

Possible cause 3:
A message indicating that the file is imported successfully is displayed, but the imported alarm information is not displayed in the alarm list on OperationCenter.
The database table has been imported successfully, but OperationCenter does not interconnect with the corresponding system. As a result, the alarm information is not displayed on OperationCenter. After OperationCenter interconnects with the system, the imported static alarm information is displayed on OperationCenter.


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