How to Use PuTTY to Log In to a Node in Key Pair Authentication Mode in FusionStorage

1. Check whether PuTTY on the local PC has been used to log in to a node in key pair authentication mode.
? If yes, go to Step 7.
? If no or you cannot confirm, go to Step 2.
2. Run PuTTY and enter the IP address of the target node and the SSH port number (default value: 22).
3. In the Category area in the left pane, choose Connection > SSH > Auth.
The SSH authentication configuration page is displayed.
4. Click Browse, select the prepared private key certificate in the displayed window, and click Open.
The file name extension of the private key certificate is *.ppk.
5. In the Category area in the left pane, select Session.
The main page is displayed.
6. To facilitate subsequent access, create a custom session in Saved Sessions and click Save.

After this step, go to Step 8.
7. Select a saved session and click Load.
8. Click Open.
9. Enter the username for logging in to the target node as prompted.
You are required to enter the certificate password if the in-use private key certificate is an encrypted certificate.

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