How to Set the Maximum Number of Backup files in FusionStorage

Use PuTTY to log in to the FSM node.
Ensure that the FSM floating IP address and username dsware are used to establish the connection.
Run the following command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root:
su - root
Run the following command to disable logout on timeout:
Run the following command to switch to the directory containing the backup configuration file:
cd /opt/dsware/manager/webapps/dsware/WEB-INF
Run the following command to open the backup configuration file using the visual interface (vi) editor:
Press i to enter editing mode.
Change the value of the following parameter:
maxBackupCount: specifies the maximum number of FusionStorage backup files that can be stored.
Press Esc, enter :wq, and press Enter.
The system saves the configuration and exits the vi editor.
Run the following command to display the content in the backup configuration file:
Check whether the maxBackupCount parameter is set correctly.
If yes, no further action is required.
If no, go to Step 11.
Perform Step 5 to Step 9 to change the maximum number of backup files if the original setting is inappropriate.
If the value setting fails again, contact technical support.

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