How to Power On FusionStorage.

Start the FusionStorage service.

Use PuTTY to log in to the active FSM node.
Ensure that the management IP address and user dsware are used to establish the connection.
Run the following command to disable user logout upon system timeout:
Run the following command to start the FusionStorage service:
/opt/dsware/client/bin/ --op restartDSwareService
Information similar to the following is displayed:
This operation is high risk,please input y to continue:
Enter y as prompted.
Enter username cmdadmin and its password as prompted.
The default password of user cmdadmin is cmdHuawei@123.
The service is successfully started if information similar to the following is displayed:
Operation finish successfully. Result Code:0
[Tue May 10 16:17:23 CST 2016] DswareTool operation end.
Start upper-layer services.

After FusionStorage is successfully started, start upper-layer services by following operations in the related documents.

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