How to Monitor FusionStorage Status

View system summary information.

On FusionStorage, choose Home.
You can view information about Resource Statistics, Disk Type Statistics, Storage Pools, and Alarms.
View resource pool information.

On FusionStorage, choose Resource Pool > Summary.
You can view information about Control Cluster, Process status, and Resource Statistics of the resource pool.
Select required resource under Resource in the navigation tree on the left.
You can select any of the following resources:
Storage Pool
Block Storage Client
Volume Management: Volumes and iSCSI volume mapping
Snapshot Management
Virtual File System: File Clients, NFS Server Ports, and Namespaces
Detailed information about the resource is displayed in the right pane.
View hardware information.

On FusionStorage, choose Hardware.
In the navigation tree for Hardware, select Hosts or Disks.
You can view detailed information about the selected object in the right pane displayed.

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