In FusionManager V100R005,how to troubleshoot the alarm "ALM-ServiceCenter.9203 ServiceCenter Server Time Changed"

Click System.
The System page is displayed.

Choose System Configuration > Time Management.
The Time Management page is displayed.

On the Time Management page, click Synchronize Time Forcibly.
System services will be restarted during forcibly time synchronization, which takes about 20 minutes.

Log in to ServiceCenter again after about 20 minutes, and go to the Time Management page to check whether the forcibly time synchronization is successful.

If yes, go to Step 5.
If no, go to Step 7.

Check whether the alarm is cleared.

If yes, no further action is required.
If no, go to Step 6.

Handle the time error by following instructions provided in System Time Errors in Troubleshooting in the product documentation.
Contact technical support.

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