how to deal with DNS Service Unavailable alarm on FusionCompute V1R5C00 version

The system detects the domain name system (DNS) service availability every 3 minutes. This alarm is generated when the DNS service is unavailable.

This alarm is cleared when the DNS service becomes available or its configuration is cleared.
Configure an available IP address for the DNS server.

On the FusionCompute portal, choose System > System Configuration.
The System Configuration page is displayed.

In the navigation tree on the left, choose DNS Server. On the displayed DNS Server page, check whether the configured DNS test domain name is correct.

If yes, go to Step 3.
If no, set a correct DNS test domain name and go to Step 3.

The DNS test domain name must be a valid domain or subdomain name on the DNS server.

Check whether the IP address configured for the DNS server is correct.

If yes, go to Step 6.
If no, go to Step 4.

Configure a correct IP address for the DNS server.
After 10 or 15 minutes, check whether the alarm is cleared.

If yes, no further action is required.

If no, go to Step 6.

Check whether the DNS service IP address is reachable and whether the DNS server runs properly.

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