how to deal with Free Upgrade Service Is About to Expire alarm on FusionCompute V1R5C00 version

The alarm module verifies the license validity every day. This alarm is generated when the licensed free upgrade service is about to expire in less than 60 days.

This alarm is cleared when a valid license file is loaded to the system.
Update the license for the free upgrade service.

Check whether the license for the free upgrade service is available.

If yes, go to Step 3.
If no, go to Step 2.

Apply for a license.
For details, see the FusionCompute License Usage Guide.

Visit Product Support > IT > FusionCloud > FusionSphere > FusionCompute to Obtain.

Updating the License File.
After 5 or 6 minutes, choose System > System Configuration > License Management and check whether the license information is correct and whether the alarm is cleared.

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