how to deal with HA Agent Process Is Abnormal alarm on FusionCompute V1R5C00 version

This alarm is generated when the system detects that the HA agent process uvphad has stopped or is faulty.

This alarm is cleared when the uvphad process becomes normal.
Identify the management IP address of the node for which the alarm is generated.

On the FusionCompute portal, click Monitoring, and choose Alarm in the navigation tree on the left. On the Alarm page, locate the row that contains the alarm and click the name in the Alarm Object column.
The Service and Management Node page is displayed.

On the Service and Management Node page, view information about the management nodes and obtain the IP address of the node whose name is the same as that of Alarm Object in Step 1.
Restart the process of the performance management center.

Use PuTTY to log in to the node for which the alarm is generated.
Ensure that the management IP address and username gandalf are used to establish the connection.

Run the following command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root:

su - root

Run the following command to restart the process:

service uvphad restart

Run the following command to check the process status:
service uvphad status

Check whether the command output is as follows:

Checking for uvphad running

If yes, go to Step 8.
If no, go to Step 9.

After 3 or 4 minutes, switch to the Alarm page and check whether the alarm is cleared.

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