Functions of FusionInsight MPPDB

FusionInsight MPPDB provides the following functions:
1. Standard SQL support
Supports SQL92 and SQL2003 standards, GBK and UTF-8 character sets, standard SQL functions, OLAP analysis functions, and stored procedure.
2. Database storage management
Supports tablespace and online capacity expansion.
3. Component management and high availability (HA) of data nodes
Supports atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) features of database transactions, recovery from single node failures, and load balancing.
4. APIs
Supports standard JDBC 4.0 and ODBC 3.5.
5. Security management
Supports SSL security network connections, user rights management, password management, and security auditing, ensuring security of databases at management, application, system, and network layers.

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