Application scenarios of FusionInsight MPPDB

FusionInsight MPPDB is oriented to industrial big data applications and applicable to the following scenarios:
1. CDR query: MPPDB can process PB-level data in security, telecommunication, financial, and Internet of things (IoT) industries. Its memory analysis technology enables you to query massive volumes of data while data is being written to the database.
2. Data warehouse: MPPDB can efficiently process hundreds of TB-level data and tens of billions of rows relating to multi-table joining queries. It is applicable to Operational Data Store (ODS), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and Data Mart (DM) scenarios.
3. Hybrid load: MPPDB is capable of analyzing query statistics of massive volumes of data and processing transactions. It provides the hybrid row-based and column-based storage technology, so it is applicable to a hybrid load scenario consisting of online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP).
4. Big data analysis: MPPDB can analyze PB-level structured data. Its distributed parallel database clusters can provide the analysis function for PB-level structured big data.

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