How to uninstall the Manager

You need to uninstall the Manager if this version is not needed or the Manager installation fails.
1.Use PuTTY to log in to the standby management node as user root (or user omm).Log in to the servers where the Manager is deployed and run the command to find the active and standby management nodes. The server is the active management node if the parameter value of HAActive in the displayed information is active. For example, mgtomsdat-sh-3-01-1 displayed in the following information is the active management node:sh ${BIGDATA_HOME}/om-server/om/sbin/
2.Go to the ${BIGDATA_HOME}/om-server/om/inst directory where the uninstallation script is stored:cd ${BIGDATA_HOME}/omserver/om/inst
3.Run the following command to execute the script to uninstall the Manager:./
4.Enter y to confirm the uninstallation.
5.Log in to the active management node and uninstall the Manager in the same way.
6.Check whether the software is uninstalled by user omm.
7.Run the sh /opt/preset/ command on all nodes.

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