What is HBase?

Advantages of HBase compared to conventional databases:

1. HBase uses the column-based storage mode. When multiple records are added, the data is stored by column. Conventional databases use the row-based storage mode. When multiple records are added, the data is read and stored by row.
2. HBase supports horizontal expansion, automatic splitting, and linear performance improvement. Conventional databases require manual configuration and are difficult to expand and maintain.
3. HBase performance remains unchanged when massive sets of data are concurrently read or written. In the same situation, conventional database performance drops dramatically. Conventional databases do, however, perform better in small-scale data read/write scenarios.
4. HBase data is stored in triplicate on HDFS, eliminating single points of failure and implementing cluster-level active/standby reliability. Conventional databases use active/standby mode to ensure reliability.
5. HBase supports dynamic expansion of columns while conventional databases do not.
6. CTBase in HBase supports correlation query and secondary indexing. Conventional databases only support basic conditional querying.
7. CTBase/Phoenix supports visual GUIs. Conventional databases use a visual query system.
8. HBase supports read/write permissions of tables and columns. Conventional databases only support basic rights control.
9. HBase is applicable to TB- and PB-level data, while conventional databases are not.

Disadvantages of HBase compared to conventional databases:

10. HBase does not support simultaneous transaction authoring for multiple records. This means that data rollbacks need to be performed on related applications. Conventional databases support this function.
11. HBase only supports the character data type. Conventional databases support various data types.

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