Failed to Uninstall the Cluster and an Error Message Indicating the HDFS Service Uninstallation Failure Is Displayed

The cluster cannot be uninstalled, and an error message "Failed to complete un-installation of cluster 'datasight_ha_secure" is displayed.
Possible Causes:When the size of the HDFS database is too large (larger than 300 TB), the uninstallation duration exceeds 15 minutes. If this occurs, an error message indicating the HDFS uninstallation failure occurs due to the uninstallation timeout.
Procedure:This fault can be rectified in two ways:1.Rectify the fault on the portal.
Click Retry, and wait for the cluster to be uninstalled again.After the cluster is uninstalled, click Finish.
2.Rectify the fault by deleting the HDFS data in the CLI and then uninstalling the cluster again.
Use PuTTY to log in to the node where the HDFS client is located as user root. Log in to the HDFS client, and run the following commands. (/opt/hadoopclient indicates the client directory and path indicates the HDFS data storage directory. Both of the directories can be customized by users.)cd /opt/hadoopclient/HDFS/hadoop/bin,./hdfs dfs -rm -r -skipTrash
Perform uninstallation-related operations to uninstall the cluster again.

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