The ppp-mp interface of an AR router cannot be connected

MP problems of AR routers can be located based on the following roadmap:

1. MP interfaces transmit data by packets, which cannot be modified.
2. AR routers only support the binding of interfaces of the same card. If the binding cannot be performed on cards equipped with two E1 interfaces, perform it on cards equipped with eight E1 interfaces.
3. Focus on member interfaces when locating MP interface problems because most MP interface problems are caused by the member interfaces.
4. In products with earlier versions, out-of-order problems occur on MP interfaces, which results in the stalling of videos. Use products with V200R0003 and later versions.

If the state of the E1 interface of an AR router is not Up, check whether the state of the member E1 interface is not Up.
If the E1 interface of an AR router cannot communicate with other devices properly, check whether packet losses occur on the member E1 interface.

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