How to modify the E1 interface of an AR router to unframed mode

MP indicates the Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP), in which multiple PPP links are bound together. MP binding is often performed in scenarios where a 2 Mbit/s E1 dedicated line cannot meet the service requirements.
MP interfaces transmit data by packets. AR routers only support the binding of interfaces of the same card.

[Huawei] interface mp-group 0/0/1 //Create an MP-Group interface and enter the view of the interface.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] undo discriminator //(Optional) Disable the terminal endpoint identifier negotiation function which is enabled by default. You can disable the function when the interface cannot interconnect with the devices of other manufacturers.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] ip address 24 //You can run the ip address ppp-negotiate command to allow the peer end to allocate the IP address generated through PPP negotiation to the interface.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] interface serial 2/0/0 //Enter the view of the specified physical interfaces (PPP type)
[Huawei-Serial2/0/0] ppp mp mp-group 0/0/1 //Add the physical interface. You can repeat this step to add multiple interfaces.
[Huawei-Serial2/0/0] restart //Restart the related physical interfaces.

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