What is Cloud-Trace

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) provides records of operations on cloud service resources. With CTS, you can query, audit, and backtrack operations.

CTS provides four types of operation records:
Operations performed on the ServiceCenter tenant portal.
Operations for applying for or deleting cloud resources, for example, applying for or deleting an ECS, or creating or modifying an image.
Operations performed by supporting APIs, for example, creating, modifying, querying or deleting a tracker, or querying the trace list.
Operations triggered by cloud services, for example, an EIP is assigned to the Elastic Computing Service (ECS) when it is being created.
On the ServiceCenter tenant portal, you can query operation records for the last seven days. To track operations over a longer period, you can enable the Object Storage Service (OBS) and deliver operation records to OBS buckets for storage in real time.

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