The E1 interface of an AR router does not communicate properly

If the E1 interface of an AR router does not communicate properly, investigate the causes as follows:

If the link of E1 interface cannot be accessed, the state of the interface alternates between Up and Down, or a lot of CRC errors are found in the interface statistics displayed after the display interface Serial command is run, it may because:
- The E1 card is not grounded (high probability).
- Electromagnetic interference sources, such as motors, transformers, and generators, exist along the route of the E1 cable.
- The cables of the E1 line are distributed outdoors, and the interface is damaged because of thunderstorms.
- The impedance of the E1 interface does not match the impedance configuration of the cable (configuration problem).

Run the display controller e1 or display fe1 Serial command to check the impedance of each cable type.
Run the line-termination or fe1 line-termination command to modify the impedance.

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