Whether licenses of different FusionAccess versions can be interchangeably used

For Huawei products, licenses of the same R version can be interchangeably used. That is, licenses of R5C10 can be directly imported into the R5C20 environment.
As restricted by the FusionAccess R5C20 platform, only one license file can be imported. For example, the licenses of 40 users in phase 1 and those of 400 users in phase 2 need to be combined into one license file. The combination process is as follows:
1. Change the ESN of the licenses of 40 users on the ESDP platform to that of the new R5C20 environment.
2. Use the contract number of phase 2 to activate the FusionAccess licenses of 400 users and use the ESN of the newly established R5C20 environment.
3. Combine licenses with the same ESN on the ESDP platform and download the license file of 440 users.

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